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Laila Shishineh

Laila Shishineh
Assistant Director of FYE | (410) 455-3737

With more than nine years of experience in the higher education field working with orientation and programs for first year students, Laila will provide the summer bridge students with leadership and guidance throughout the six week summer bridge program and beyond. Laila has served as the Program Coordinator for the CSI Summer Bridge Program since May 2010 and looks forward to getting to know all of the incoming participants each summer. In addition to planning the summer bridge program, Laila will continue to meet with and advise all the students during their first year at UMBC. Laila’s passion is to help all new students have a great experience at UMBC and serve as a resource for them along the way!

Graduate Student Interns and Undergraduate Student Tutors
Summer graduate student interns will also be hired to work with the summer bridge students throughout the six week experience. The graduate student interns are hired from NODA (Association for Orientation, Transition, and Retention) and come from colleges and universities across the country to help our new students with their transition to campus. Undergraduate student tutors from the Learning Resources Center (LRC) on campus will also be available to students to assist with coursework. Laila, the graduate interns, and the undergraduate tutors will provide academic support as well as co-curricular opportunities for all participants.

Graduate Student Interns


Courtney Campbell
Undergrad Major:
Health Sciences
James Madison University
Grad Program: College Student Development
Appalachian State University
Email Address:

Why did you want to be the Graduate Intern for First-Year Experiences programs at UMBC this summer?
I wanted to be a graduate intern for First-Year Experience programs at UMBC this summer because one of my largest passions within Student Affairs is working with incoming students and assisting them with their transitional experiences adjusting to a campus environment. This position was unique to me because it provided an opportunity to work closely with another intern, be a part of a collaborative team, teach a summer bridge course, and offers professional development experiences.

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Laura Rouse
Undergrad Major: Biological Anthropology and Dance
The George Washington University
Grad Program: Higher Education Administration, Student Affairs
The George Washington University
Email Address:

Why did you want to be the Graduate Intern for First-Year Experiences programs at UMBC this summer?
The first-year experience is a huge transition process for new students at any university. From getting acquainted to college classes to living on a campus with roommates, students face a huge learning curve in their adjustment to a new environment. In reflecting on my own experience as a student, I remember relying on the support networks provided to me by First-Year Experience programs. The opportunity to work at UMBC this summer gives me the chance to support students in the same ways I felt supported while also learning what we can do better as higher education administrators.

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