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First-Year Seminars (FYS)

Click here for Spring 2018 Course Offerings

Some of the classes includes…

FYS101 Arts & Humanities (AH)

(three-credit seminars, that meet general education requirements)

  • Building a Culture of Peace: What Would It Take?
  • Discussing Classics
  • Picture and Story
  • Truth and Technology
  • Happiness and a Valuable Life
  • Defining and Pursuing Prosperity
  • Perspectives on the Heroic Journey
  • It Came from the `80s: Politics
  • Shakespeare At The Movies
  • An Introduction to Food Systems
FYS102 Social Sciences (SS)
  • Learning about, with, and from Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • Diversity, Ethics, and Social Justice in the Context of Schooling
  • Poverty Amidst Plenty: The Economics of American Poverty
  • The Deaf Community and its Culture
  • Conflict Resolution Education
  • Creativity, Innovation, and Invention
  • Maternity, Race, and Policy
  • Social Issues in Business
  • Images of Madness
  • Debating America: Ideology and Language in Modern American Politics
FYS103 Non-Lab Sciences (S)
  • Paradigms and Paradoxes: An Attempt to Understand the Universe
FYS107 Arts & Humanities or Culture (AH or C)
  • American Orientalism
FYS108 Math* (M)
  • *Schedule pending