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Summer Bridge Program

Information about Summer Bridge 2018 will be available in January! Please check back at that time. Feel free to browse the information on our website or contact us with questions in the meantime.

No matter what major you intend to pursue, your path to graduation from UMBC begins with a solid foundation in mathematics and writing. This is why all incoming freshmen are required to take a Math course as well as an English course during their first year at UMBC.

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The six-week Summer Bridge Program, pairs a required introductory math or writing class with an interactive seminar to help ease the transition to college.

Outside of class, dedicated Summer Bridge Staff will coordinate tutoring and study groups, offer individual advising, and organize special events for new students. The Summer Bridge Program is a great way to get ahead, meet new friends, and learn your way around campus. Students who successfully complete the program will earn 4 to 8 academic credits, and receive a fall scholarship equal to one credit of tuition!

MATH104: Quantitative Literacy


This course focuses on algebraic and numeric skills in the context of applications and problem-solving. Students that enroll in this course will be prepared to move on to STAT121 (Statistics) or MATH120 (Contemporary Math). This course is especially recommended for those students who do not intend to pursue a STEM major but need to brush up on math skills or those who have not had a mathematics course in several years. Topics include: quantitative relationships, algebraic reasoning, functional reasoning, probabilistic and statistical reasoning, and the course incorporates communication skills and technology.

MATH106: Algebra and Elementary Functions


This course is an introduction to the basic techniques and functions of mathematics. Students that enroll in this course will be prepared to move on to MATH150 (for STEM majors). This course is especially recommended for those students who need to brush up due to shaky high school preparation or for those who have not had a mathematics course in several years. Topics include linear equations; quadratic equations; polynomials; and rational functions and their inverses, including exponential and the logarithmic functions.

MATH150: Pre-Calculus (Specifically for STEM Majors)


This course provides the math prep needed for calculus (MATH151). Also provides prep for additional science courses such as Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, etc. Topics include review of functions, graphing techniques, logarithmic and exponential functions, basic right angle trigonometry, followed by extensive treatment of trigonometrics functions, identities, and applications to analytic geometry of the conic sections, apps for 2-D vectors and to the geometry of complex numbers.

ENGL100: Composition


This course will consist of a workshop in writing. Students will learn about the writing process, how to write clear and effective essays, and how to think critically and support ideas. The course will consist of writing essays, analyzing novels, conducting research using both print and electronic sources and providing review to peers. Ultimately students should walk away from this course being able to write in a clear and effective manner.


Additional unique components of the Summer Bridge Program include:

  • provides new students with a JUMP START – you will start your first semester of college knowing more about UMBC than a typical first year student and can then serve as a leader and assist others
  • participants receive ongoing support throughout their entire first year from staff in the Office of Undergraduate Education (OUE)
  • participants have the option to live on campus for the duration of the Summer Bridge Program to get a feel for what residential life is like and take full advantage of the opportunities provided by the program
  • students will learn personal academic success strategies, explore campus, and meet other new students while also connect with faculty and staff