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About the Program

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The Summer Bridge program at UMBC strives to provide new first year students a chance to understand college academics, explore campus resources, engage in self-discovery, and connect to the UMBC and surrounding community. Through this program, students will interact with other incoming first years as well as campus faculty/staff.

Four Components of the Program
    Academic Coursework & Support Services
  • Students have the option to take a Math and/or English course
  • All students participate in an Introduction to an Honors University course (1-credit) to introduce them to campus resources and college success strategies
  • Classes will take place Mondays through Thursdays
  • Mandatory tutoring sessions will be offered to help students work on papers, study, complete homework, and prepare for exams
  • Evening study hall hours
  • First-Year Advising
  • Meet with a Summer Bridge advisor throughout the entire first-year
  • Opportunity to reconnect with Summer Bridge peers through reunions and workshops
  • Friday Field Trips
  • Sample field trips include
    • Ropes and zip line course
    • Events and tours of Baltimore and/or Washington DC
  • Community service projects
  • Campus Life
  • Residential Life
    • Opportunity to get the full residential experience
    • Participants are encouraged to live on campus if at all possible
  • Commuters
    • Participants may choose to commute for the program if living on-campus is not possible
  • Fun evening activities for both residential and commuter students

The application for the Summer Bridge Program is now closed. In the event that you are still interested in the program, please contact Kristen Coffey (kncoffey@umbc.edu or 410-455-1185) ASAP! Late applications can be reviewed on a case by case basis if space permits.