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Basic Info

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What is the Summer Bridge Program?

With the Summer Bridge Program, first year students get a chance to experience the UMBC campus before the start of the fall semester. The whole purpose of a summer bridge is to incorporate academics, campus exploration, self discovery, and social activities to prepare students for success at UMBC. What does this mean for you if you participate?

  • Students have several tracks to select from and these courses are exactly what new students need and enjoy. Getting an A or two over the summer is a great confidence boost!
  • Interesting on- and off-campus activities introduc students to the campus and local attractions. Students get to know each other through these activities and social events. Field trips outside of the classroom include exploring Baltimore and Washington DC.
  • Students continue to receive individualized support for academic and personal concerns throughout their first year at UMBC. The assistant director will continue to mentor and advise students during the fall and spring semesters through advising and reunion events.
  • The program includes outstanding faculty members, professional staff, undergraduate tutors, and other students in the program. All of these people will get to know each student and support them through their transition to UMBC.

Community Service

” The Summer Bridge Program is a must for all freshmen! It’s a great opportunity for students to get a head start on college by attending classes, living on their own and interacting with other students. It gives the incoming student a chance to feel safe and comfortable in the college environment.” – Summer Bridge Parent

  • Classes will take place Monday through Thursday and field trips on Fridays for six weeks
  • All students participate in an Introduction to an Honors University course (1-credit) to introduce them to campus resources and college success strategies
  • Mandatory tutoring sessions will be offered to help students work on papers, study, complete homework, and prepare for exams

“I learned more about myself and what I want to do in college. I really enjoyed the support of the staff. I noticed that the patience of the staff allowed for us, the students, to relax.” – Summer Bridge Student

Field Trips and Community Service

Summer Bridge helps students learn about campus life. By the beginning of the fall semester, Summer Bridge students are academically prepared for college, have new friends, and know their way around campus and the surrounding area. Field trips and community service trips will take place on Fridays. These activities vary depending on class schedules. Past activities have included:

  • A low-ropes/rock climbing course
  • Field trips and tours of Baltimore and/or Washington DC
  • Community service projects

“I feel I have gained an advantage over the other incoming freshmen. Very beneficial – will recommend to other incoming freshmen!” – Summer Bridge Student

Low Ropes