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Top 10 Billing FAQs

1. When will my Fall ’17 e-bill be available online?
Students registered for classes by 7/31 will be billed on 8/1 and receive an email (to their UMBC
email address) when e-bills are available online. Students registering in August will be billed on 9/1.

2. When will my housing and meal plan charges be billed?
Housing and meal plan charges are dependent on housing assignment date. Most students will see
tuition, housing and meal plan charges on the 8/1 e-bill. Students assigned to housing in August, however, will see their housing and meal plan charges on the 9/1 e-bill.

3. Will financial aid apply automatically to my charges?
Yes. It will apply automatically beginning on 8/21 for full-time students and 9/19 for part-time

4. Fall ’17 financial aid will disburse on 8/21 but my bill due date is 8/20, will I be charged a late fee?
You will not be charged a late fee if pending/anticipated aid on the 8/1 e-bill is enough to pay the total due. If aid is less than the total due, please pay the difference by 8/20 to avoid late fees.

5. Do you offer a Monthly Payment Plan?
Yes. Enrollment in the Fall ’17 plan begins on 6/1. Please sign-up by 7/19 to qualify for 4-
installments. For more information please click here.

6. Can I sign up for the payment plan before I register for classes?
Yes. You should estimate your charges and sign up for the plan as soon as enrollment in the plan
begins. To estimate your tuition and fees, room and board costs please click here. If you need help estimating your budget, please contact SBS.

7. How do I pay my bill?
Payments can be made via myUMBC. Select the Billing & Personal Finances Topic and Payments & Billing. Electronic checks (ACH), credit cards and campus card payments are accepted online. For more information, please click here.

8. How do I pay less than the account balance on the e-bill?
To pay less than the total amount due online, simply remove the amount shown in the box to the right
of the Account Balance (on myUMBC, from the Payments & Billing link) and insert a lesser amount.

9. How do I grant access to others to view my charges and make payments on my behalf?
To grant others access to view your account activity (Profile Sharing) please click here. To grant others access to view your e-bills and make payments on your account online (Parent PIN)
please click here.

10. I’m expecting a refund, what do I need to know?
Refunds for Fall ’17 (for students with direct deposit) will begin to be available on 8/31.

New Fall ’17 Students – Look for bright green envelope in the mail and follow instructions to choose your refund delivery preference as soon as it arrives. Please don’t wait! If you do, your refund may be delayed.

All Students – Be Careful! Please review your account carefully before spending refunds. If all of your charges have not been billed, you may owe the refund back to UMBC. If unsure, please contact SBS.

For more information about e-refunds, please click here

Financial Literacy – CashCourse

Learn important financial management skills such as budgeting, basic investing, managing credit and test your financial knowledge with the CashCourse available on Blackboard.

Financial Smarts@UMBC

Contact SBS

Please submit a HELP ticket on myUMBC or call SBS at (410) 455-2288.